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They have more than a few advantages: they’ll operate with a wider variety of ammunition, from ultra light squirrel loads to (depending on the cartridge) large game; they’re significantly faster to access from storage, due to their short height and lack of significant protrusions; they’re easier to maneuver around obstacles, for the same reasons; they can be topped off after every shot; they have a much lower social profile; they’re legally acceptable in jurisdictions where AR or AK patterns aren’t; those that use straightwalled cartridges are easier to handload for. There’s more, but I’m tired of typing tonight.

I felt the presence of God . Sometimes I would tingle and sweat with the Holy Spirit. Other times I felt led by Him to give money to a certain cause, or to pay someone a specific compliment, or to walk to the cross at the front of my church and bow before it during a worship service.