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This article could not have been written without the assistance of the book "V-Discs: A History and Discography," written by Richard S. Sears (© 1980, Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut), and personal interviews with Lt. Ed DiGiannantonio, Commander, United States Navy (Ret.), and Gordon Anderson at Collector's Choice. Other information came from Art Hilgart's article in the Journal of the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors The assistance of the thousands of artists, musicians, singers, writers and performers, along with the servicemen who recorded, produced and created the V-Disc records, is greatly appreciated.

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Kel wrote:
Subject: Ten Unique Graveyards
Have you ever wondered what happens to decommissioned machines and other similar facilities that people once used? Some of these objects are being recycled, and many of them are piling up on the so-called Object Graveyards and there waiting to be completely eaten by the ravages of time. Places of natural decomposition of such objects can be unusual tourist destinations and sites to capture amazing photos.

My collection weighs many tons, I’m sure.  No way to know precisely.  Lucky for me, this house is made out of stone, and underneath the room which houses my records there are massive vaulted arches supporting the floor above, so my records are not going to cause the place to collapse.  I have about 6,500 78s!  Crazy… Nuts… Must be out of my cotton-pickin’ mind.

Jojo Mayer visits The Trap Set and tells Joe about his childhood in Switzerland, artistic honesty, and pair discuss strategies for keeping existential dread at bay.

Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of the Phonograph and the vertical engraving of the signal on a cylinder. It is the so called hill and dale technique which is later used in a disc proposed by Edison himself and by Pathé in France.
Emile Berliner proposes the horizontal, meandering groove. Edison's hill-and-dale is soon outmoded. But it comes in handy when the stereo long playing record is designed and officially is introduced in 1958.
After the launching of the stereo LP, manufacturers of consumer electronics and a few record companies start thinking about the next step of improvement. Some start thinking of a completely new recording system, a new sound carrier.

"Turnstile Blues" appeared as the opening song in the April 2007 movie The Air I Breathe . That August, the band played the Sunset Junction Street Fair in Silver Lake , California, and in December, they were invited by Portishead to play at that month's edition of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival. [12]

Shellac - Live In TokyoShellac - Live In TokyoShellac - Live In TokyoShellac - Live In Tokyo