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This emerging niche of neo-burlesque performance is taking many of its cues from the adjacent, or maybe even overarching subgenre of nerdlesque . Nerdlesque parodies pop culture and media considered to be stereotypically nerdy (both literary and screen-based genre fiction, comics, and video games).

The film's version of the Queen was created by Walt Disney and Joe Grant , and originally animated by Art Babbit and voiced by Lucille La Verne . Inspiration for her design came from the characters of Queen Hash-a-Motep from She and Princess Kriemhild from Die Nibelungen . The Queen has since been voiced by Eleanor Audley , June Foray , Janet Waldo , Eda Reiss Merin, Louise Chamis and Susanne Blakeslee , and was portrayed live by Anne Francine (musical), Jane Curtin (50th anniversary TV special), Olivia Wilde ( Disney Dream Portraits ), and Kathy Najimy ( Descendants ).

The secret is to use equal amounts, by weight, of butter to cream cheese—that is, 8 ounces each. This, of course, translates to two (2) sticks of butter and one (1) brick of cream cheese. Most cream cheese frosting recipes call for far too much cream cheese (read: too much moisture and not enough fat) and the frosting just does not want to pipe well. In addition, the frosting is so loosey-goosey that cake layers actually slide! No fun—especially if transporting the cake. Essentially, you would have to add an incredible amount of confectioners’ sugar to stiffen it up in order to pipe nicely. And, for most of us, this translates to a frosting that is just too cloyingly sweet.

Various - Wicked Mix Classic Collection 19Various - Wicked Mix Classic Collection 19Various - Wicked Mix Classic Collection 19Various - Wicked Mix Classic Collection 19